FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hope everyone . . .

had a Very Merry Christmas!!!  It's been so nice having the kids home and not having to run here and there with school activities.   We received our NVC letter last Tuesday and now just wait to be cabled (I think?).  This new process keeps me guessing.  But I think that's right.  Anyway, as we wait for the next step, I've thought about Faith, waiting for us in China, and how our family is changing and growing.  Never would I have dreamed that we would have four children.  God has certainly blessed us through adoption.   It's hard to believe that I first saw Faith (aka Tammy, Camp Ox 1) last Feb., 2010.  She certainly caught not only my eye, but my heart.  Just something about this sweet little girl tugged at my heart.  For 7 months I prayed and thought about Faith morning, noon, and night.  It wasn't that I was reluctant to add another child to our family, it was all about the finances or lack there of.   After three back to back adoptions, we seriously needed to turn our attention to our house as it needed some much needed maintenance.   I soon realized that the maintenance could wait, but Faith couldn't.  How in the world could we pass over this sweet child?  We couldn't.  So here we are almost to the homestretch!!  Thankfully, so many of you have supported our fundraisers (and we've had several) as well as just plain donating and sharing our fundraisers on your blogs and FB.  Thank you so very, very much!!!! 

As we move forward, we now need to focus on our travel expenses.  For those who have btdt, you know how expensive this can be.  Not only do we need to pay to get to China and back, but we also need the funds for the inter-country travel, hotels, food, etc.  So we are starting the new year with another
Goat Milk Soap fundraiser.   This will be our third GMS fundraiser.  We've actually done really well with these.  The first GMS fundraiser goal was 100 soaps and you came through for us.  The second GMS fundrasier was 200 soaps, and again you supported us and we met our goal.  So with the third GMS fundraiser, our goal is 300 soaps.  I know that's big, but I also know that it can be done.  We will be offering the same soaps, however, we will be adding a special scent just for Valentine's day, CHOCOLATE!!!  When I told my 12 yo daughter, Emmi, that Chocolate was the scent for Valentine's day, her eyes lit up.  She's my chocolate lover.  So as she hates to take a shower, maybe this sweet smelling soap will make it a little easier.  We will also offer the same rates for shipping this time as well as an added surprise that I will
announce when I post our GMS fundraiser.  It will be a free gift with the purchase of 20 or more soaps.  I think this will work, we'll see!!!  

Thank you so much again for your support!!  Please start spreading the word about our GMS fundrasier.  If you've purchased and used the soap, tell your family and friends.  These will make great gifts for Valentines day!!!  I ordered just a few extra soaps with the last fundraiser, so each one of the kids chose one of those soaps.  They love 'em too . . kid approved!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas present for Faith!

An art set for our artist!
  As I pondered on what to send our sweet Faith, I just couldn't decide.  We sent a bracelet through for her birthday last month.  Btw, Angela and Kelly are wonderful to work with and I highly recommend them.  So it came to me out of nowhere, an artist set.  We received a sweet letter from Faith a few weeks ago, previous post, and with it she sent two pieces of artwork.  I'm hoping that she really does love to draw and paint.   So an art set it is.  The picture above shows what Angela picked out and mailed to Faith.  She should receive it in China on Friday, which is actually today in China with the time change.    She's in foster care so I'm really hoping she will get it by Christmas.  We sent a Christmas card with a sweet message in it too. 
  Now as for next Christmas, how awesome that Faith will know the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ our savior.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Congratulations to . . .

     I'll keep you in suspense just a little longer.  First I'd like to thank each and every one of you
for supporting our fundraiser.  I really do appreciate it.  And to those who spread the word, not once, nor twice, but multiple times, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you helping us spread the word.
We are so grateful for the donations and it will certainly make a dent in our agency fees that are due.  After the purchase of the Kindle package, we still were blessed with right at $500. 

    O.K.  Drum roll please:     

    Congratulations to Mary Farmer . . . .  

    Our thermometer almost made it to the top (our goal).  And it's all because of sweet friends sharing our journey and to those of you who supported our efforts.   Many blessings to you all.   Again, thank you
so very much!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kindle Fire fundraiser giveaway

 Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire cover giveaway!

    We are giving away this Kindle Fire and cover as well as a 2-year replacement plan.


     The drawing will be ***** December 20th.  We will draw the winner and the Kindle Fire and cover will go out December 20th in the afternoon priority mail.

     We are getting so close to bringing our daughter Faith home.   Praying that she will  be prepared for meeting us as well as for a smooth transition there and when we get home.   We are so excited that we are getting so close to travel.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Faith's birthday pictures!!!

Today on my lunch break I found these sweet pictures of our daughter Faith celebrating her
12th birthday!!!!!  I just love 'em!!!  She's just precious!!  It's so sad that we've missed celebrating her
previous birthdays, but oh how we'll be celebrating next year and making lots of memories!!!  Happy
Birthday sweet daughter!!!   Here she is:

Faith's birthday

I have a few more of the party but it was taking way toooooo long to download.  I'll try to add more later.
These are my favorite!!!!  It won't be long now!!!

Goat Milk Soap pt 2 (we made our goal)!!!

Thanks to all those who shared our fundraiser, purchased the soap, and rallied for us.  You all are
AMAZING!!!!  I'm so blessed to have so many people come forward and support this fundraiser.  The
official result was 210 soaps!!!!  I'm not sure how much we will actually receive since I offered discounted
and free shipping as we'll have quite a bit of fees to get the packages mailed.  However, that's o.k.  I am
so grateful and happy for the result.  That means we made $630 minus those shipping charges!!!!  Now
that's AWESOME!!!  Thank you so so much!!!!  I just can't say it enough!!!  For those that purchased
from this fundraiser, I received an e-mail that the soap has been shipped from GMS to me.   I will turn
it around as soon as I receive the soap. 

Another important announcement!!!  We received our I-800 approval today!!!!   I was expecting an
e-mail letting us know that it was being mailed.  However, I checked the mail when I got home from work and there it was.  Needless to say, I was SURPRISED!!!!  So now to figure out what's next. 

Oh, and it gets even better!!!!!   (remember, this all happened today)  We received pictures from Angela
today of Faith's birthday party!!!   I have several pictures and will post those in a little while!!!!  WOW!!!
It's been an exciting day!!!!   Rejoicing and praising God for all His many blessings!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goat Milk Soap fundraiser (part 2) through end of day Sunday Dec. 4th

As I've have been trying to figure out how to get around the high cost of shipping on this soap, due to the weight of the soap, I came up with what I think is a really good idea.     Since tomorrow is Cyber Monday and we are officially in Cyber week, I thought I could offer a Cyber Goat Milk Soap Fundraiser.  Here's how it works:   With an order of:

1 - 5 soaps  (shipping is $6.00)    *includes delivery confirmation
6 -11 soaps (shipping was $12.00 but offering  $6.00 this week)  *includes delivery confirmation 

12 - 36 soaps (FREE SHIPPING)  That's right!!! You get free shipping!!   Flat rate shippings USPS PriorityMail is $10.95 plus delivery confirmation of around $1.  So I thought I could offer free shipping if you order12 or more bars of soap.   It's not hard to come up with a 12 bar order as there are so many scents to choose from and every teacher, friend, family member, needs at least 2 bars.  These are such great gifts.  Those who purchased from our first GMS fundraiser loved, loved the soap.  It smells sooooooooo good!!!
And it makes your skin so soft.  It's great!!!  You could even get an order up from your family so they could give as gifts.  So many possibilities.

Our goal for this fundrasier is to sell 200 soaps or $600. These make great gifts for teachers,
friends, co-workers, etc. We are praying that this fundraiser gets us closer to our goal.   We hope you can help us with this part of our journey to our daughter Faith. She's 12 years old
in Tianjin, China and I just can't wait to get her home, sometime early next year. I've added a picture of
the soap and will list all the different fragrances below with specifics.

One more thing - - If we sell 100 soaps +, we won't be charged shipping charges from GMS which is a huge
plus for us.

Please know, this isn't easy!!!   It takes a lot of work to seperate the soap, box up the orders, double/triple check the orders, package with tape, address the labels, make numerous trips to the post office, take the time to send the e-mails letting everyone know their soap is on it's way.   The best part is meeting and making new friends along the way.   It's been well worth the work!!!  And you all are wonderful.  We thank you for your order!!

Goat Milk Soap
$6 per bar

Cranberry Spice - light on cranberry but heavy on spice. There is cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in a red tinted bar. You might be able to detect a hint of orange peel too!

Lavender - Scent of lavendar and made with lavendar oil. A sure favorite that everyone will love! Gift idea!!

Oatmeal Milk and Honey - This fragrance is very clean and warm (like the sweetness of honey)!!! Great for the Holidays!

Luv Spell - This one has a fragrance of citrus and florals (one of my favorite scents) Another great gift idea!!!

Clean Cotton - This is a very fresh and clean scent smelling like freshly laundered cotton. A must have for everyone!!!!

Purity - (unscented) Great for those with dry and sensitive skin. Lots of people use this soap on babies or people with eczema.

Black Raspberry - Scent of raspberry with a hint of vanilla. A favorite of all ages.

Honeysuckle - Smells just like a summer day with honeysuckle in your back yard.  Honeysuckle with a hint of jasmine.

Nautical - Masculine scent - perfect for the man that wants a soap for him.


See details on shipping below

Email me with your order here   Please include with your order your name and address.

*How to Pay: Please don't pay until you receive confirmation that your emailed order has been received(see above). I except Paypal & check. Please add shipping charges below.

These bars of goat milk soap are handmade. The goat milk soap bars are hand cut to weigh between 5 and 6 ounces and are cured for a minimum 6 weeks. Your soap will come in a 4" x 6" cotton bag that is hand-stamped with the scent. You will love these sweet smelling, long lasting, bubbly bars of soap.

Ingredients: Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, soy bean oil; Natural color, Fragrance.

All orders will be shipped USPS priority mail.

Again, the shipping charges are as follows:

1 - 5 bars of soap - $6.00

6 - 11 bars of soap - Shipping was $12.00 but offering it for $6.00 this week (includes delivery confirmation)

12 - 36 bars of soap - FREE SHIPPING!

Thank you so much for supporting our fundraiser to help bring our daughter home. We are just waiting to receive our I-800 approval which should be soon!!! Will you please spread the word about this fundraiser
by listing our fundraiser on your groups, blogs, and facebook?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Faith's birthday gift!!

   I received a picture of the gift that Angela purchased for us for Faith's birthday.  She also
purchased a card for our letter.  I can not tell you how pleased we are with Lady bugs 'n love.  Kelly and Angela are wonderful to work with.   I have written several e-mails to Angela over the past year and purchased packages and she has done a fantastic job and is really quick to respond.  You can go here  to find out more and check out their sight.   I asked Angela about purchasing a bracelet with a jade rabbit and this is what we sent.  I think Faith will really like it.

Read thread jade rabbit bracelet for Faith's birthday with card
 I'm excited to know that Faith has received her birthday cake and card.   Really hoping we get some pictures of her special day.

 Now, we still have to get our girl home.  We are way short the funds and have been fundraising thus far.  I know God will provide.  We have had the support of so many with purchases from our fundraisers, donations, unexpected donations, etc.  Thank you ALL so much!!!!  So here we go again!!!  We have had a request for more Goat Milk Soap, so we are having another GMS fundaiser which will start late tomorrow.
Please check back.   And please tell your friends and family!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!  I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband with an open heart for the orphan.  And I feel so blessed that God has given us four beautiful children (one, Faith, who is waiting for us in Tianjin, China).   I'm also thankful for the friends I've made in the adoption community.   Thank you to those who are rallying behind us to help bring Faith home.  When I first saw Faith I just had a really strong feeling that she was our daughter.  I just couldn't commit as we were not financially prepared.  However, are we ever financially prepared?  Anyway, after many, many, prayers (7
months of praying), we knew we needed to trust God and that He would provide.   You are all amazing and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and cherish the day with your family and friends. 

 For those who might be wondering, our Thirty-One fundrasier wasn't so good, however, it was better than the first as we had $370 in total sales.   That means we should get between $75 to $90 in profit from Anne (Thirty-One consultant) which is awesome!!  Anne is such an amazing lady to host these events and give her profit to families fundraising.  Thank you Anne for doing this for us a second time.  Maybe three times will be a charm.

  Please stay tuned as we will be starting our second Goat Milk Soap fundrasier next week.  I have a few people who would like to place another order. 

Many blessings &


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letter from Faith with art work!!

After a few weeks of waiting, I really didn't expect to receive anything from Faith after we sent
her package.  And then just when I least expected it, I received an e-mal from Angela with a translated
letter from Faith and pictures of some of her artwork.  I'm so excited!!  And the actual letter and artwork
are in the mail on the way to our house.  I can't wait to get it and get the artwork framed.    Here's
the letter from Faith:   Oh, and after the letter are two pictures of artwork.

"Hello honorific dad and mom,

I have received your letter and gifts. I really like the gifts you sent to me. I am so happy to see the pictures of you. You all look so kind. I am very happy under foster mom’s care now. I am very excited to hear that soon later I will have my own new family! Thank you.

I am sending you one of the handcrafts I made and pictures I drew, hope you will like them.

I wish everyone in the family healthy and happy!

Love you,

Sep 27, 2011"

"Love of Vine"

"On the Way Home"
I love the titles Faith gave to her drawings.   I think she's an amazing artist!!!!

GMS Fundraiser a Success!!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Goat Milk Soap
fundraiser!!!!!  I can not tell you enough how much we appreciate your support to help us bring Faith
home!!   Our final total was 112 soaps!!!  Yayyeeee!!!   We didn't have to pay shipping which would
have been around $36.  That's 12 soaps at wholesale!!!  I think the free shipping of 100 soaps or
more sold is a generous offer from GMS!!!  Thank you!!!

We also had a Thirty-One bag giveaway with this GMS fundraiser!!  You received an entry for every soap purchased.  You also got an entry by sharing on FB, leaving me a comment that you shared, sharing on blogs, or groups.  


We are slowly chipping away the orphanage donation and now only need $2,000 more to meet our
goal.  We will be starting a Thirty-One fundraiser in just a few days.  We get all the commission on all
the sales.  Thank you Anne!!!  This is another great time to do some Christmas shopping!!!  And it
will certainly help us get close to our goal.

Many blessings to all those who stopped by our blog, shared, and purchased our Goat Milk Soap!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goat Milk Soap Fundraiser - ends Wednesday November 2nd!!!

Our fundraiser ends tonight at midnight (less than 3 hours away).  We need 18 more soaps to be at our minimum goal of 100 to get free shipping.    We appreciate everyone who has made a purchase.  Don't forget that you get an entry into our Thirty-One utility bag giveaway with each soap order.  These soaps are great for teachers gifts and you'll also be helping us bring Faith home.

We received LOA on Oct. 31st!!!  That's great news!!!!  Our wait was only 45 days which is
really quick.   We're fundraising to bring our daughter home and praying this fundraiser is a success!!
We've only sold 10 soaps so far and our goal is at least 100 to save on the initial shipping.   These make great gifts!!!!  Please read further and check out the scents that are available!!!!

This is a new fundraiser, Goat Milk Soap, that I've heard so many good things about from those
who have purchased.  We still need to chip away at the orphanage donation fee and need quite a bit
more.  Our goal for this fundrasier is to sell 150 soaps or $450.  These make great gifts for teachers,
friends, co-workers, etc.  We are praying that this fundraiser will get us closer to our original goal of
$3000 and we hope you can help us with this part of our journey to our daughter Faith.  She's 11 years old
in Tianjin, China and I just can't wait to get her home, sometime early next year.   I've added a picture of
the soap and will list all the different fragrances below with specifics.   

One more thing - - If we sell 100 soaps, we won't be charged shipping charges from GMS which is a huge
plus for us.  So to go along with the fundraiser, we are adding a THIRTY-ONE GIVEAWAY!!!!  For each soap purchased, you will be entered into a drawing for the Thirty-One bag pictured to the right with the
description.   You can also gain another entry by e-mailing or leaving a comment letting us know that you've shared our fundraiser on your blog, group, or facebook.  This is an amazing bag and it's a great size (big) for holding or toting just about anything, large utility tote (retail value $30).   You can also gain an entry if you had rather donate (to the right)  instead of purchasing soap.  Every $5 donation gets an entry for the drawing. 


Cranberry Spicelight on cranberry but heavy on spice. There is cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in a red tinted bar.  You might be able to detect a hint of orange peel too!

Lavender - Scent of lavendar and made with lavendar oil.  A sure favorite that everyone will love! Gift idea!!                  
Oatmeal Milk and Honey This fragrance is very clean and warm (like the sweetness of honey)!!!  Great for the Holidays!

Luv Spell - This one has a fragrance of citrus and florals (one of my favorite scents)  Another great gift idea!!! 

Clean Cotton - This is a very fresh and clean scent smelling like freshly laundered cotton.  A must have for everyone!!!!

Purity (unscented) Great for those with dry and sensitive skin.  Lots of people use this soap on babies or people with eczema.

Black Raspberry - Scent of raspberry with a hint of vanilla.   A favorite of all ages.                                                   


See details on shipping below

Email me with your order here  Please include with your order your name and address.

*How to Pay: Please don't pay until you receive confirmation that your emailed order has been received(see above). I except Paypal & check.  Please add shipping charges below.

These bars of goat milk soap are handmade. The goat milk soap bars are hand cut to weigh between 5 and 6 ounces and are cured for a minimum 6 weeks. Your soap will come in a 4" x 6" cotton bag that is hand-stamped with the scent. You will love these sweet smelling, long lasting, bubbly bars of soap.

Ingredients: Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, soy bean oil; Natural color, Fragrance.

All orders will be shipped USPS priority mail. 
 Shipping Charges are as follows:

1 - 7 bars of soap - $6.00

8 - 36 bars of soap - Only $10.95

Thank you so much for supporting our fundraiser to help bring our daughter home.  We are just waiting for the next step which is LOA!!!  Will you please spread the word about this fundraiser
by listing our fundraiser on your groups, blogs, and facebook? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fundraiser auction - ended

This fundraiser is over and we want to thank everyone who participated!!!!  You are  amazing and we are so blessed to have you help us bring our daughter home.   There were a few items below that had zero bids and are still left.  If anyone is interested in any of those items, please e-mail me.

We are fundraising through this adoption (as hard as it is)  as we were not ready financially to start another adoption.  Believe me, this is not easy and I would prefer not to.    As I've watched and met other families fundraise to help with the adoption fees, I knew that this is what we too would need to do.   I've made so many new friends
through this journey so far, and I know there are many more friendships to come. 

We are so blessed to have three beautiful children adopted from China.  We are now waiting on LOA for Faith who is 11 years old and in Tianjin, China.    I first saw our daughter, Faith, Feb. 2010 and was immediately smitten with her.  After months of prayer and knowing in my heart that she was God's plan for our family, we submitted our paperwork in the fall of last year.    My eyes and heart have been opened as I couldn't have imagined the support that we've been given. 

Now that we are waiting on LOA, we need to fundraise for the orphanage donation.  We are blessed that Faith's orphanage donation was reduced.  We are hoping and praying that this fundraiser gets us started on this fee.  Below are pictures (so sorry for the blurriness - it's the camera, or maybe it's the photographer - me).  Under the picture is a description with "starting bid".  Simply e-mail me with your bid and I'll post it.  If you are outbid I'll notify you so you have the opportunity to bid again.  Please note that shipping will be added to the final bid.  I'll notify all winners once the auction ends.
Also, please make sure you give the description in your e-mail.  I'll verify as well when I e-mail you back.  Winning bids can be paid through the "donate" button on the right (which is through paypal).

If you'd like to help us with the expenses, but wouldn't like to bid, you can hit the "donate" button on the right and make a donation, via paypal.  We truly appreciate your generosity.  Please spread the word too!!

We hope you will help us with this fundraiser as each event has helped us get closer to bringing our daughter home!!!!  There really are some great gift items!  Please take a look!!! 

E-mail bids here

Gymboree Lady Bug backpack
This has been carried a few times
and has a few little scuffs but still
in great shape.  This would be so cute
for travel.

Current bid $17.00

White Cross ornament with beads
measures 6" (to bottom of beads) by
3 1/2" wide)

Starting bid $________

Set of 3 ornaments - cloissenne
(all purchased in Guanzhou)

Starting bid $________

Cross ornament with beading

Starting bid $_______
"Love" Cross Christmas Ornament

Starting bid $_______
Angel Christmas Ornament - pewter? (inscribed are the words
"A mothers heart, a special place where her children
always have a home.")  measures 5" tall X 4" (wing spread)
"                                "

Current Bid $5.00
Sunflower scrapbook/picture album
"great teachers gift"

Current Bid $10.00

This Hallmark album/scrapbook is
suitable for adoption.
Starting bid $_______

Magnetic tin wall board. . silver flowers are magnet
and can hold recipes, pictures, notes, holiday cards, etc.
White washed!
Current bid $10.00

Lady bug picture frame and note pad 

Current bid $10.00

                                                            "Disney Enchanted Learning"
                                                                   leapster game
                                                                 Current Bid $5.00

                                                   "Spongebob Squarepants Saves the Day"
                                                              Leapster game
                                                           Current bid $15.00

                                                          "Learn to Draw & Write"
                                                               leapster game
                                                            Current bid $12.00

"Top Secret Personal Beeswax - Share a Journal
With Junie B"
leapster game
Current Bid $15.00

                                                    Leapster gaming system and case in great
                                                 condition!  Still has lots and lots of play left!

                                                        Current bid $28.00

                                                           Leapster gaming system.  This system
                                                    still works great and has lots and lots of
                                                    play left!  The cover will not latch down
                                                    over the screen. 

                                                           Current bid $25.00

Jade bracelet
I purchased this in Beijing at a Jade market.
All the beads are different colors of Jade.

Starting bid $35.00

Chinese character bracelet purchased
in Guangzhou.  Really cute!!
Current Bid $32.00

Red thread/Jade bracelet purchased
in Guangzhou
Current bid $20.00

Beaded bracelet with ladybugs/old Chinese coin
Current Bid $15.00

Child's cloisonne bracelet purchased in
Current Bid $10.00

Silk embroidered eye glass case.
The color is deeper and richer than shown (deep coral/orange)
Current bid $5.00

Chinese lantern purchased in Guangzhou!
Current Bid $10.00

Silk panel embroidered panda
size 9x12 not including the border above which
could be used in framing.

Current bid   $25.00

Chinese card in wrapper
Current Bid $5.00

Mary Kay brush set (new in bag)
I have an older set like this and they last forever!!
Current Bid $20.00

Gap patent envelope purse

Starting Bid ___________
 You can e-mail your bid  HERE    Thanks so much!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What she must be thinking!

According to Angela, the orphanage should have received Faith's package yesterday (China time).  I thought
about her all day long.  Just like every other day, except yesterday was different (and today).  If she received
our package, what did she think?  Was she excited?  Happy?  Sad?   I'm sooooooooo happy that God has
given us another daughter.  He as comforted me in so many ways in the last 18 months through this adoption.  It's certainly taken longer than I would have ever imagined, but it's all in God's perfect timing. 
I pray now that God will comfort Faith.  That He will give her courage and strength to leave all that she has
known for the last 11 years.  I can not even imagine what that must feel like.   How sad it must be to say
goodbye to all your friends.  And to the foster parents whom she must have come to love.  I remember
the day we visited Emmi's orphanage (Dec. 2000).  Emmi was only 13 months old.  We were leaving the
orphanage and a man walked up and squatted down in front of Emmi's stroller.  He spoke to her clearly
in Chinese.  We learned then that this was Emmi's foster dad.  He had become very close and fond of our
Emmi.  My heart just melted.  I was so thankful that she had had someone to care for her and love her
for her first year.  I have a picture of that moment in her photo album and it will always be embedded in my
mind. I get so emotional just thinking about our kids and what they have been through and those whom's
lives they've touched. 
   When we were on the plane in Hong Kong waiting to take off in 2006 with Jacob (3 3/4 years old) I clearly remember looking out the window and thinking that Jacob's life will never be the same.  What he
has known is now in the past. Tears ran down my face.  It's just like I'm sitting in that airplane seat now.  That's how vivid it is.  I'll never forget it.
   We still have several weeks/months of waiting until we finally meet our sweet Faith.  Her birthday is November 20th and we plan on sending her a birthday cake with more photo's.   Praying that during this
wait she will come to know us as her family and be comforted as she waits.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faith's care package.

I was so excited to receive an e-mail this morning from Angela regarding Faith's care package.  I ordered
it late Sunday night from Ladybugs 'n Love,  I received an e-mail almost immediately with the details of what to do next.  I gathered our pictures and the letter I had already written our daughter and e-mailed those to Angela on Monday.  To my surprise, I opened an e-mail at lunch today and Angela had sent a picture of the items she had purchased for Faith.  I'm so excited!!  She commented
that the package should be mailed tomorrow (the e-mail was written last night - so I think that was actually
today) and that the orphanage would receive it the next day.  So I'm hoping that they will receive it Friday.
I wish I could see Faith opening her package.   I have to add my two cents about Angela.  She is absolutely
amazing!  When we first saw Faith, I had some questions and Angela was able to get me some updated photo's and some answers to my questions.   She is so quick with her responses too!!

We are so hoping that we'll get some updated pictures of Faith.  What a wonderful surprise that
would be.   At least the wait is shorter than what it was.  We are certainly getting closer as we almost have
1 week under our belt for LOA.  Yippeee!!  About 7 more weeks to go!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


So happy to announce that we received our LID and it's 9/16.  Wooohoooooooooo!!!

I'm so excited.  I sent photo's and a letter to Angela (Ladybugs 'n Love) last night.  I can't wait til
Faith gets it.  Praying she will be excited and happy that she has a family.  She's 11 years old which
is quite older than any of our previous kid's adoptions.  Praying God will comfort her and give her
peace and courage.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DTC!!!!! Yayeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

O.K.  I can not believe I forgot to post this on my blog.  I posted that we were DTC everywhere else
and thought I did here too!!!!!  We are finally DTC!!!  September 7 our documents left MAA's office
and made their way to China.  Now we are anxiously awaiting the next acronym, LID (log in date). 
By other families timeframes, it looks like we could get that this week!!  Now we're making some progress.
I wrote Angela with Ladybugs 'n Love and hope to get our package ordered this week to send to
our daughter, Faith, in Tianjin!!!  I don't think she knows she has a family yet and can't wait until she

Woooohoooo!!!  It certainly feels good to be getting closer to travel.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Almost DTC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!!!!  We received our documents back from D.C. late Wednesday, 8/31.  I made the necessary copies Thursday and got 'em back in the mail the same day.   Now they are being carried, flown, and delivered by U.P.S.  They are scheduled to arrive next Tuesday.   I'm so excited I just can't hardly stand it!!   We should be DTC by next Wednesday!!  Maybe even Tuesday.  Woooooooooohoooooooooo!!!  What a great feeling!!! 

Now that our documents are on their way to China!!!  We have to ramp up the fundraising again.  I have
several items I've found (some from our last trip from China) for our next auction.   I'm hoping to get all the
pictures taken and listed sometime next week.  Please stay tune and check back!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stronger by Mandisa (From the Upcoming Album "What If We Were Real")

Oh how, I love this new song by Mandisa!!! 

It seems like we've taken lots of bumps and turns on our journey to our daughter Faith.  Our documents are at the China Embassy and one of them was rejected, ugh!  Apparently the marriage license is only good for six months from certification.  I did not know this and it looks like it may be a new rule.  Not really sure!  But the courier did say that they haven't had this problem in the past.  We would have to be the first.  I know it's
all in God's hands and definately in His timing.  I've already ordered a new marriage license.  Praying for God
speed that we can get the state authentication quickly and then on to D.C. to join the rest of our paperwork which is now held up as well due to the amount we made our check (which or course included all documents).   Lots of prayers please!! 

I listen to my favorite christian radion station all the time,
The songs and message from the lyrics with lots of prayer of course help me stay focused on what's really important.  I'm so grateful that Jesus carried that cross for me.   When I heard the lyrics to this song, it certainly hit home.  What's neat is that I first heard "Stronger" on our playlist at work.  And I think it's playing on mainstream radio.  How great is that? 

Blessings to all!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Gotta Have Faith Fundraiser" is going on now!!!

Thank you Jackie for hosting our FB fundraiser event!!  You are truly amazing and we really do appreciate
your time for putting this event together. 

We've had so many sweet new friends donate items from their stores to our fundraiser.  Our link
Go look!!!!!  I know you will find something for yourself or for a gift.  Amazing items!!!

For those not familiar on how to bid:  (like me, lol)

Once you're on our Fundraiser FB page, click on the location:
Yogi & Cecil's Clippy Creations
Then click on "photos" to the left of the page
Once you open the photos, you'll see the "Gotta Have Faith Fundraiser Auction- Open" picture.  Click on the picture.
Once you click on the picture, you'll see all the amazing items appear. 
Go to the photo you want to bid on, and then leave a comment with your bid.

NOTE: You must "like" the sellers page sponsoring our auction in order to place a bid.
Blessings to all!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our daughter Faith

My heart just melted when she was asked what she most wanted and she replied "to have a family".  This
picture was made in the Spring of this year.  She's so cute!!!  And studious?  Hmmm!!  Maybe Faith
will inspire some other kids I know (lol).

Go take a peek at some of the items that will be included in our upcoming fundraiser auction that begins soon!!

And if you would like to contribute to our fundraiser, there is still time to participate.  Just click on the facebook link above which will direct you to our fundraiser auction event that's coming up soon.  Simply
e-mail Jackie your pictures of the items you would like to donate.

Here's a little bit about me and our journey so far:

Through this adoption journey I have learned "patience" in a whole new way. I have met soooo many new friends. I can't tell you how blessed we are to have met such wonderful families. Whether they have been through the adoption process or not, they have been so supportive and encouraging. Also, we've had many a fundraiser that has gotten us this far through the adoption process to help with the fees. Thank you again to everyone who has helped us along the way so far. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go. But I know in my heart through trusting in God, that it too will come!! Thank you Jackie for conducting this fundraiser!!!! And thank you to everyone participating!!!!

   I can't believe I first saw our daughter February, 2010.   When I first saw a picture of her, not knowing what was to come, my heart flittered. I knew when I saw her that God had a special plan. Not being financially ready, my response was, next year. But that feeling never went away. I thought about Tammy (her name on the MAA WC list) every day and every night before I went to bed. I prayed about her every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. So this went on for 7 months, yes, 7 months.  I would ask God "but how?." Financially we're not ready.  But in all honesty, are we ever ready.  She also has CP which scared the daylights out of me. And at the time she was 10 years old. But after some research and more prayer, I felt at total peace with her need. During that time, I found a very special blog where a family put their adoption of 2 little girls in God's hands. They trusted that He would provide, and He did. I kept praying and knew that we had to do the same thing, "trust in God", it's His plan afterall.   In September I wrote our agency that we wanted to be Tammy's family.

A little bit about our girl:

  As an infant, before 6 months of age, she had a head injury. Her reports state that she loves school and does well in school. She loves to dance and perform. I'm so fortunate to have pictures of her performing on Children's Day this year. I also have a video of her performing. Emmi, takes dance, so I hope Faith will be open to learning other forms of dance, ballet, tap or jazz. We'll see!!

Wang - means "accumlate"

Xia - means "rosy clouds" "morning or evening glow"

SN - sequelae from brain trauma - cp

age - 11 years old and will turn 12 November 20th this year.

This paperchase has seemed to be soooo overwhelming for some reason.  Maybe it's the new Hague process.  It seems like we've had to wait forever for every single document that has come our way.  I keep telling myself that it's all in God's timing.  "It will come"!  This week we received our immigration approval and now we can move on to being dtc.  Yippeeee!!!  Our daughter doesn't know she has a family yet, so once we are dtc, we're sending her a package with a letter and lots of pictures of her family.  Faith will have an older sister, Emmi; a younger sister, Maggie; and a younger brother, Jacob.   We're all sooooo excited!!
Thank you all for following our journey!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Immigration Approval!!!

Wooohoooo!!!  I can't believe it, we finally have that wonderful piece of paper in our hands to move forward
to the next step to bring Faith home, "immigration approval".   Now our papers can finally be China bound
once we finish with the authentications.   Hoping to be DTC by the end of July!!!!!  Thanks for all the encouraging words!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthdays!!! Oh how they grow!!

We celebrated a couple of birthdays just recently, Maggie and Jacob!!!!   Maggie turned 10 years old June 7th and Jacob turned 9 years old on June 18th.  Oh how they grow so fast!!  As I enjoy each and every day and new adventure with all my kids, in a way I miss those toddler years.    Happy Birthday Maggie and Jacob!

 Maggie preferred a cookie to a cake!!  She is just not much on sweets, but she loved the cookie!!

 Jacob picked out his cake!!  Normally I surprise them with a cake, but this year he wanted to pick it out.  Mmmm, mmmm it was good!!  I love birthday cake myself.  Happy Birthday Jacob!!

 Jacob's birthday landed on a Saturday so we were able to sneak in some fishing.  I have to tell you that it's so much fun watching the fish sneak the bait off the kids hooks.  Jacob loves to talk, so while he talked and looked around, the fish filled their tummy's.  It was a wonderful day!!!

 This picture was made earlier in the month.  Hubby always plants a small garden and the kids love to help, that is Maggie and Jacob.  It was soooo cute!!  Jacob carried the water container from the house to the garden making several trips.     From a seed to . . . . . . .

. . . . . This!!!  Oh how the plants have grown!   We have our first bloom on our yellow squash plant.  The kids love squash casserole.   Now just waiting for the squash.

Friday, June 17, 2011


   I opened the mailbox earlier in the week and was so excited to find (what I thought) our immigration
approval for Faith.  I looked through the mail and there was only one (what I thought) approval which was mine.  I kept thinking, where was the other one?  Why would they send just one?  Was the other one lost? Would it come tomorrow?  I looked through the mail again.  And there wasn't much to look through so it would be hard to miss. I was so excited to get mine (so I thought) that it took a moment for reality to sink in.  Uh oh!  So I opened my (what I thought) approval.  I looked at the letter I know 2 or 3 times before I realized that it wasn't my approval after all.  It was a letter stating I needed to be reprinted.  Really?  It had
been 3 weeks since the first print so I really thought I was in the clear.  In the past I've had to be reprinted not once, but twice.   After a thorough print this time with a supervisor approval I was sure they took. 
   Please pray my prints take when I go back the second time.  I just have to remember it's all in God's timing.  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fundraiser auction Pt 2

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser.  We were truly blessed.  Through your support, we were able to raise another $300 (including a $30 donation) bringing our total to $489 with both fundraiser auctions.  That's truly amazing!!!  Thank you to Amy and Joy for your willingness to jump right in and donate such wonderful items.  Your generosity is truly appreciated and I'm humbled by your willingness to help us on our journey. 

All winners will be notified by the end of the day with your winning totals including shipping.   If you were outbid, please check back often as we will be having another fundraiser shortly.

 We are just waiting on our immigration approval and then we will finish the authentications and all our documents will make there way to China.   However, we still need a little over $600 (original goal $800) through this fundrasier to take care of the rest of our agency fees before we can send our documents.  I am so grateful to the adoption community. To those who have either donated or puchased as well as those who have e-mailed me offering to donate to this fundraiser, thank you so much!!  You all are amazing and I'm truly blessed by your kindness and willingness to support us.   There are so many cute items listed below!  Please take a look.

Here's how it works:
E-mail me here with the item # or letter (listings are labeled A-V) with the amount of your bid.  I'll post your bid if it's the current highest offer.  If you are outbid on an item, I'll
e-mail you so you have the opportunity to bid again. 

This fundraiser ends Saturday June 11th at midnight!!

I'll contact the winners once the auction ends with the winning bid plus shipment.   Payment can then be made through the "donate" button to the right via paypal. 

These necklaces are all hand-tied and were made in Guanzhou. They are all numbered so when placing your bid please include the necklace #.

#1 Black hand-tied neckleace  Current Bid  $5.00

#2 Black hand-tied necklace   Current Bid  $5.00

#3 Green hand-tied necklace  Current Bid  $5.00

#4 Black hand-tied necklace  Current Bid  $5.00

#5 Brown hand-tied necklace  Current Bid  $ 5.00

#6 Green hand-tied necklace  Current Bid $5.00

 A. Cloissene bracelet purchased in China (deep navy with flowers)
      Current bid $ 10.00

 B.  Cloissene bracelet purchased in China (deep navy with flowers)
      Current bid $10.00
 C.  White cloissene bracelet purchased in China
       Current bid $10.00
 D.  Pandora sterling silver necklace .925  (aqua and deep blue stones) Measures 14" in length.
       Current bid $25.00
 E.  Pandora sterling silver .925 necklace in pearl and mauve stones.  Measures 14" in length.
      Current bid $25.00
 F.  Stone dangly earrings.
      Current bid $_________
 G.   Tin/metal lady bug welcome sign measures approximately 11 1/2" from top of hanger.
        I have 5 of these so I'll list them by number. 
        #1 ladybug with flower current bid $10.00
        #2 ladybug with flower current bid $10.00
        #3 ladybug with flower current bid $
        #4 ladybug with flower current bid $
        #5 ladybug with flower current bid $

 H.  Tin lady bug Welcome sign.  Measures approximately 11 1/2".
       I also have 5 of these and will list by #.
       #1 Ladybug welcome $
       #2 Ladybug welcome $
       #3 Ladybug welcome $
       #4 Ladybug welcome $
       #5 Ladybug welcome $

 I.  Asian inspired dress in peach, Baby Gap.   Zips down the back.  Size 18-24 month.  Excellent condition.
     Current bid $
J.   2 Asian pony holders.
     Current Bid  $10.00

K). Set of 5 handmade greeting cards and envelopes
      Current bid $10.00

L).   Sterling silver butterfly bracelet. The tag is still attached and it retailed at $44.
      Current Bid $10.00

M).  Handmade accordion album. The inside has beautiful coordinating papers. Fill with photos for a very special gift.

Current Bid $25.00

N)  Two glass pendants purchased in Guanzhou.
     Current bid $8.00

O)  Handmade pink & teal flower necklace and earring set.
      Current bid $5.00

P).  Set of 2 Hello Kitty hair clips purchased in Guangzhou.
      Current bid $10.00

Q).  Handmade Bird's nest pendant.
       Current bid $7.00

R)   Handmade airplane baby blanket.
       Current bid $20.00

S)  Handmade Disney baby girl blanket.
    Current bid $10.00

T)   Handmade dress fits about a 6-9 month baby.  It is about 14 inches from the neck to the bottom of      the dress.
     Current bid $10.00

U)    Two silk embroidered pieces purchased in Guangzhou.  They measure 11.5" X 10.5".  The background is a pretty peachy color.  The top one has a butterfly with flowers and the bottom has a blue bird with flowers.  These are cute made into a pillow or put into a frame.
        Current bid $10.00

V).  Silk embroidered panel with flowers and a bird (creamy white background) 8 3/4 X 11 1/2
      Current bid $5.00

Thank you for looking and supporting our journey!!