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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fundraiser auction Pt 2

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser.  We were truly blessed.  Through your support, we were able to raise another $300 (including a $30 donation) bringing our total to $489 with both fundraiser auctions.  That's truly amazing!!!  Thank you to Amy and Joy for your willingness to jump right in and donate such wonderful items.  Your generosity is truly appreciated and I'm humbled by your willingness to help us on our journey. 

All winners will be notified by the end of the day with your winning totals including shipping.   If you were outbid, please check back often as we will be having another fundraiser shortly.

 We are just waiting on our immigration approval and then we will finish the authentications and all our documents will make there way to China.   However, we still need a little over $600 (original goal $800) through this fundrasier to take care of the rest of our agency fees before we can send our documents.  I am so grateful to the adoption community. To those who have either donated or puchased as well as those who have e-mailed me offering to donate to this fundraiser, thank you so much!!  You all are amazing and I'm truly blessed by your kindness and willingness to support us.   There are so many cute items listed below!  Please take a look.

Here's how it works:
E-mail me here with the item # or letter (listings are labeled A-V) with the amount of your bid.  I'll post your bid if it's the current highest offer.  If you are outbid on an item, I'll
e-mail you so you have the opportunity to bid again. 

This fundraiser ends Saturday June 11th at midnight!!

I'll contact the winners once the auction ends with the winning bid plus shipment.   Payment can then be made through the "donate" button to the right via paypal. 

These necklaces are all hand-tied and were made in Guanzhou. They are all numbered so when placing your bid please include the necklace #.

#1 Black hand-tied neckleace  Current Bid  $5.00

#2 Black hand-tied necklace   Current Bid  $5.00

#3 Green hand-tied necklace  Current Bid  $5.00

#4 Black hand-tied necklace  Current Bid  $5.00

#5 Brown hand-tied necklace  Current Bid  $ 5.00

#6 Green hand-tied necklace  Current Bid $5.00

 A. Cloissene bracelet purchased in China (deep navy with flowers)
      Current bid $ 10.00

 B.  Cloissene bracelet purchased in China (deep navy with flowers)
      Current bid $10.00
 C.  White cloissene bracelet purchased in China
       Current bid $10.00
 D.  Pandora sterling silver necklace .925  (aqua and deep blue stones) Measures 14" in length.
       Current bid $25.00
 E.  Pandora sterling silver .925 necklace in pearl and mauve stones.  Measures 14" in length.
      Current bid $25.00
 F.  Stone dangly earrings.
      Current bid $_________
 G.   Tin/metal lady bug welcome sign measures approximately 11 1/2" from top of hanger.
        I have 5 of these so I'll list them by number. 
        #1 ladybug with flower current bid $10.00
        #2 ladybug with flower current bid $10.00
        #3 ladybug with flower current bid $
        #4 ladybug with flower current bid $
        #5 ladybug with flower current bid $

 H.  Tin lady bug Welcome sign.  Measures approximately 11 1/2".
       I also have 5 of these and will list by #.
       #1 Ladybug welcome $
       #2 Ladybug welcome $
       #3 Ladybug welcome $
       #4 Ladybug welcome $
       #5 Ladybug welcome $

 I.  Asian inspired dress in peach, Baby Gap.   Zips down the back.  Size 18-24 month.  Excellent condition.
     Current bid $
J.   2 Asian pony holders.
     Current Bid  $10.00

K). Set of 5 handmade greeting cards and envelopes
      Current bid $10.00

L).   Sterling silver butterfly bracelet. The tag is still attached and it retailed at $44.
      Current Bid $10.00

M).  Handmade accordion album. The inside has beautiful coordinating papers. Fill with photos for a very special gift.

Current Bid $25.00

N)  Two glass pendants purchased in Guanzhou.
     Current bid $8.00

O)  Handmade pink & teal flower necklace and earring set.
      Current bid $5.00

P).  Set of 2 Hello Kitty hair clips purchased in Guangzhou.
      Current bid $10.00

Q).  Handmade Bird's nest pendant.
       Current bid $7.00

R)   Handmade airplane baby blanket.
       Current bid $20.00

S)  Handmade Disney baby girl blanket.
    Current bid $10.00

T)   Handmade dress fits about a 6-9 month baby.  It is about 14 inches from the neck to the bottom of      the dress.
     Current bid $10.00

U)    Two silk embroidered pieces purchased in Guangzhou.  They measure 11.5" X 10.5".  The background is a pretty peachy color.  The top one has a butterfly with flowers and the bottom has a blue bird with flowers.  These are cute made into a pillow or put into a frame.
        Current bid $10.00

V).  Silk embroidered panel with flowers and a bird (creamy white background) 8 3/4 X 11 1/2
      Current bid $5.00

Thank you for looking and supporting our journey!!

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