FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goat Milk Soap Fundraiser - ends Wednesday November 2nd!!!

Our fundraiser ends tonight at midnight (less than 3 hours away).  We need 18 more soaps to be at our minimum goal of 100 to get free shipping.    We appreciate everyone who has made a purchase.  Don't forget that you get an entry into our Thirty-One utility bag giveaway with each soap order.  These soaps are great for teachers gifts and you'll also be helping us bring Faith home.

We received LOA on Oct. 31st!!!  That's great news!!!!  Our wait was only 45 days which is
really quick.   We're fundraising to bring our daughter home and praying this fundraiser is a success!!
We've only sold 10 soaps so far and our goal is at least 100 to save on the initial shipping.   These make great gifts!!!!  Please read further and check out the scents that are available!!!!

This is a new fundraiser, Goat Milk Soap, that I've heard so many good things about from those
who have purchased.  We still need to chip away at the orphanage donation fee and need quite a bit
more.  Our goal for this fundrasier is to sell 150 soaps or $450.  These make great gifts for teachers,
friends, co-workers, etc.  We are praying that this fundraiser will get us closer to our original goal of
$3000 and we hope you can help us with this part of our journey to our daughter Faith.  She's 11 years old
in Tianjin, China and I just can't wait to get her home, sometime early next year.   I've added a picture of
the soap and will list all the different fragrances below with specifics.   

One more thing - - If we sell 100 soaps, we won't be charged shipping charges from GMS which is a huge
plus for us.  So to go along with the fundraiser, we are adding a THIRTY-ONE GIVEAWAY!!!!  For each soap purchased, you will be entered into a drawing for the Thirty-One bag pictured to the right with the
description.   You can also gain another entry by e-mailing or leaving a comment letting us know that you've shared our fundraiser on your blog, group, or facebook.  This is an amazing bag and it's a great size (big) for holding or toting just about anything, large utility tote (retail value $30).   You can also gain an entry if you had rather donate (to the right)  instead of purchasing soap.  Every $5 donation gets an entry for the drawing. 


Cranberry Spicelight on cranberry but heavy on spice. There is cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in a red tinted bar.  You might be able to detect a hint of orange peel too!

Lavender - Scent of lavendar and made with lavendar oil.  A sure favorite that everyone will love! Gift idea!!                  
Oatmeal Milk and Honey This fragrance is very clean and warm (like the sweetness of honey)!!!  Great for the Holidays!

Luv Spell - This one has a fragrance of citrus and florals (one of my favorite scents)  Another great gift idea!!! 

Clean Cotton - This is a very fresh and clean scent smelling like freshly laundered cotton.  A must have for everyone!!!!

Purity (unscented) Great for those with dry and sensitive skin.  Lots of people use this soap on babies or people with eczema.

Black Raspberry - Scent of raspberry with a hint of vanilla.   A favorite of all ages.                                                   


See details on shipping below

Email me with your order here  Please include with your order your name and address.

*How to Pay: Please don't pay until you receive confirmation that your emailed order has been received(see above). I except Paypal & check.  Please add shipping charges below.

These bars of goat milk soap are handmade. The goat milk soap bars are hand cut to weigh between 5 and 6 ounces and are cured for a minimum 6 weeks. Your soap will come in a 4" x 6" cotton bag that is hand-stamped with the scent. You will love these sweet smelling, long lasting, bubbly bars of soap.

Ingredients: Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, soy bean oil; Natural color, Fragrance.

All orders will be shipped USPS priority mail. 
 Shipping Charges are as follows:

1 - 7 bars of soap - $6.00

8 - 36 bars of soap - Only $10.95

Thank you so much for supporting our fundraiser to help bring our daughter home.  We are just waiting for the next step which is LOA!!!  Will you please spread the word about this fundraiser
by listing our fundraiser on your groups, blogs, and facebook? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fundraiser auction - ended

This fundraiser is over and we want to thank everyone who participated!!!!  You are  amazing and we are so blessed to have you help us bring our daughter home.   There were a few items below that had zero bids and are still left.  If anyone is interested in any of those items, please e-mail me.

We are fundraising through this adoption (as hard as it is)  as we were not ready financially to start another adoption.  Believe me, this is not easy and I would prefer not to.    As I've watched and met other families fundraise to help with the adoption fees, I knew that this is what we too would need to do.   I've made so many new friends
through this journey so far, and I know there are many more friendships to come. 

We are so blessed to have three beautiful children adopted from China.  We are now waiting on LOA for Faith who is 11 years old and in Tianjin, China.    I first saw our daughter, Faith, Feb. 2010 and was immediately smitten with her.  After months of prayer and knowing in my heart that she was God's plan for our family, we submitted our paperwork in the fall of last year.    My eyes and heart have been opened as I couldn't have imagined the support that we've been given. 

Now that we are waiting on LOA, we need to fundraise for the orphanage donation.  We are blessed that Faith's orphanage donation was reduced.  We are hoping and praying that this fundraiser gets us started on this fee.  Below are pictures (so sorry for the blurriness - it's the camera, or maybe it's the photographer - me).  Under the picture is a description with "starting bid".  Simply e-mail me with your bid and I'll post it.  If you are outbid I'll notify you so you have the opportunity to bid again.  Please note that shipping will be added to the final bid.  I'll notify all winners once the auction ends.
Also, please make sure you give the description in your e-mail.  I'll verify as well when I e-mail you back.  Winning bids can be paid through the "donate" button on the right (which is through paypal).

If you'd like to help us with the expenses, but wouldn't like to bid, you can hit the "donate" button on the right and make a donation, via paypal.  We truly appreciate your generosity.  Please spread the word too!!

We hope you will help us with this fundraiser as each event has helped us get closer to bringing our daughter home!!!!  There really are some great gift items!  Please take a look!!! 

E-mail bids here

Gymboree Lady Bug backpack
This has been carried a few times
and has a few little scuffs but still
in great shape.  This would be so cute
for travel.

Current bid $17.00

White Cross ornament with beads
measures 6" (to bottom of beads) by
3 1/2" wide)

Starting bid $________

Set of 3 ornaments - cloissenne
(all purchased in Guanzhou)

Starting bid $________

Cross ornament with beading

Starting bid $_______
"Love" Cross Christmas Ornament

Starting bid $_______
Angel Christmas Ornament - pewter? (inscribed are the words
"A mothers heart, a special place where her children
always have a home.")  measures 5" tall X 4" (wing spread)
"                                "

Current Bid $5.00
Sunflower scrapbook/picture album
"great teachers gift"

Current Bid $10.00

This Hallmark album/scrapbook is
suitable for adoption.
Starting bid $_______

Magnetic tin wall board. . silver flowers are magnet
and can hold recipes, pictures, notes, holiday cards, etc.
White washed!
Current bid $10.00

Lady bug picture frame and note pad 

Current bid $10.00

                                                            "Disney Enchanted Learning"
                                                                   leapster game
                                                                 Current Bid $5.00

                                                   "Spongebob Squarepants Saves the Day"
                                                              Leapster game
                                                           Current bid $15.00

                                                          "Learn to Draw & Write"
                                                               leapster game
                                                            Current bid $12.00

"Top Secret Personal Beeswax - Share a Journal
With Junie B"
leapster game
Current Bid $15.00

                                                    Leapster gaming system and case in great
                                                 condition!  Still has lots and lots of play left!

                                                        Current bid $28.00

                                                           Leapster gaming system.  This system
                                                    still works great and has lots and lots of
                                                    play left!  The cover will not latch down
                                                    over the screen. 

                                                           Current bid $25.00

Jade bracelet
I purchased this in Beijing at a Jade market.
All the beads are different colors of Jade.

Starting bid $35.00

Chinese character bracelet purchased
in Guangzhou.  Really cute!!
Current Bid $32.00

Red thread/Jade bracelet purchased
in Guangzhou
Current bid $20.00

Beaded bracelet with ladybugs/old Chinese coin
Current Bid $15.00

Child's cloisonne bracelet purchased in
Current Bid $10.00

Silk embroidered eye glass case.
The color is deeper and richer than shown (deep coral/orange)
Current bid $5.00

Chinese lantern purchased in Guangzhou!
Current Bid $10.00

Silk panel embroidered panda
size 9x12 not including the border above which
could be used in framing.

Current bid   $25.00

Chinese card in wrapper
Current Bid $5.00

Mary Kay brush set (new in bag)
I have an older set like this and they last forever!!
Current Bid $20.00

Gap patent envelope purse

Starting Bid ___________
 You can e-mail your bid  HERE    Thanks so much!!!!