FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fundraiser for Faith

Drum Roll please!!! Thank you so much to everyone
who purchased and donated to our fundraiser. We were so blessed
to have received $188.50 to help with our final agency fees. This is such
a blessing. I really, really appreciate everyone who contacted me and bid on our items. Many of you posted on your blog and facebook. I just can't thank you enough. It's amazing how the adoption community can rally together. Please stay tuned. I have more items to list later this week. A friend of mine is so sweet to donate some bracelets she purchased in China and I will be listing more China related items as well.
We still need a little more to meet the minimum $800 to send our documents to China.

This is an updated picture of our daughter Faith and we are so excited that we're getting so close to being dtc so we can finally be in the TA line. As we still need the rest of our agency fees, we are continuing our fundraising. I've found several items around the house that I'm listing for our fundraiser auction. I first saw Faith Feb. 2010 and after much prayer, decided to move forward in Sept. 2010. She is 11 y.o. and is listed as having c.p.
We know this is God's will and are trusting in Him.

Here's how it works:

E-mail me the item you are interested in with the amount you wish to bid.
I'll then post your bid under your item.
If you are outbid, I'll notify you so you have a chance to bid again.
The auction ends Saturday May 28.

I'll then notify the winners where payment can be made through my "donate" button via paypal.
I have several bracelets listed by a #. If you are bidding on a bracelet, please let me know the item #. I think this will keep it less confusing.
Shipping will be minimal and items will be mailed usps.

We pray you will help us on this part of the journey to help with the ransom to bring our daughter home.

Nintendo DS "UP" game $_____
Nintendo DS "Are you SMARTER than a 5th Grader" game $ 7.50

Nintendo DS "Nancy Drew" game $ 7.50

Nintendo DS "Hannah Montana" game $_______

Nintendo DS "I Carly" game $ 7.50

"Happy Adoption Day" book $ 5.00
This is a great book and a must have!

"Mommy Far, Mommy Near" $5.00
Another great book!

Blue beaded stretchy bracelet #1 $10.00 This is a cute beaded bracelet that I purchased in Guangzhou at one of the shops on the island.

Jade bracelet #2 $10.00

This bracelet was also purchased in Guangzhou from one of the stores on the Island. I purchased several of these bracelets the last time we were there for gifts.

Vtech gaming system $40
Included are 3 games: Cinderella, SpongeBob, and Zayzoo (an earth adventure) and the cord that attaches to the t.v. so you can play on a bigger screen.

Cute Chinese beaded bracelet #3 $10.00
This bracelet was also purchased in Guangzhou. The beads have Chinese characters.

Wide stretchy band bracelet #4 $_______.

I can't remember what this stone is supposed to be. It was also purchased at the same place as the others on the island.

Jade bracelet #5 $10.00

Again, purchased from the same store on the island in Guangzhou.

Jade bracelet with heart filigree clasp #6 $7.50

Green (Jade?) link bracelet #7 $10.00

Mary Kay Timewise microdermabrasion set current bid $10

$55 value

Mary Kay "simply cotton" body lotion $5

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  1. We brought our Faith home in November and she is now 10 and a total blessing. We also fundraised quite a bit of our fees, so wishing you lots and lots of luck and good fortune! I know it's not easy!!