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Heb. 11:1

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthdays!!! Oh how they grow!!

We celebrated a couple of birthdays just recently, Maggie and Jacob!!!!   Maggie turned 10 years old June 7th and Jacob turned 9 years old on June 18th.  Oh how they grow so fast!!  As I enjoy each and every day and new adventure with all my kids, in a way I miss those toddler years.    Happy Birthday Maggie and Jacob!

 Maggie preferred a cookie to a cake!!  She is just not much on sweets, but she loved the cookie!!

 Jacob picked out his cake!!  Normally I surprise them with a cake, but this year he wanted to pick it out.  Mmmm, mmmm it was good!!  I love birthday cake myself.  Happy Birthday Jacob!!

 Jacob's birthday landed on a Saturday so we were able to sneak in some fishing.  I have to tell you that it's so much fun watching the fish sneak the bait off the kids hooks.  Jacob loves to talk, so while he talked and looked around, the fish filled their tummy's.  It was a wonderful day!!!

 This picture was made earlier in the month.  Hubby always plants a small garden and the kids love to help, that is Maggie and Jacob.  It was soooo cute!!  Jacob carried the water container from the house to the garden making several trips.     From a seed to . . . . . . .

. . . . . This!!!  Oh how the plants have grown!   We have our first bloom on our yellow squash plant.  The kids love squash casserole.   Now just waiting for the squash.

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  1. Happy Birthday to both! It looks like your garden is doing very well, probably due to the helpers that your husband has.