FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hope everyone . . .

had a Very Merry Christmas!!!  It's been so nice having the kids home and not having to run here and there with school activities.   We received our NVC letter last Tuesday and now just wait to be cabled (I think?).  This new process keeps me guessing.  But I think that's right.  Anyway, as we wait for the next step, I've thought about Faith, waiting for us in China, and how our family is changing and growing.  Never would I have dreamed that we would have four children.  God has certainly blessed us through adoption.   It's hard to believe that I first saw Faith (aka Tammy, Camp Ox 1) last Feb., 2010.  She certainly caught not only my eye, but my heart.  Just something about this sweet little girl tugged at my heart.  For 7 months I prayed and thought about Faith morning, noon, and night.  It wasn't that I was reluctant to add another child to our family, it was all about the finances or lack there of.   After three back to back adoptions, we seriously needed to turn our attention to our house as it needed some much needed maintenance.   I soon realized that the maintenance could wait, but Faith couldn't.  How in the world could we pass over this sweet child?  We couldn't.  So here we are almost to the homestretch!!  Thankfully, so many of you have supported our fundraisers (and we've had several) as well as just plain donating and sharing our fundraisers on your blogs and FB.  Thank you so very, very much!!!! 

As we move forward, we now need to focus on our travel expenses.  For those who have btdt, you know how expensive this can be.  Not only do we need to pay to get to China and back, but we also need the funds for the inter-country travel, hotels, food, etc.  So we are starting the new year with another
Goat Milk Soap fundraiser.   This will be our third GMS fundraiser.  We've actually done really well with these.  The first GMS fundraiser goal was 100 soaps and you came through for us.  The second GMS fundrasier was 200 soaps, and again you supported us and we met our goal.  So with the third GMS fundraiser, our goal is 300 soaps.  I know that's big, but I also know that it can be done.  We will be offering the same soaps, however, we will be adding a special scent just for Valentine's day, CHOCOLATE!!!  When I told my 12 yo daughter, Emmi, that Chocolate was the scent for Valentine's day, her eyes lit up.  She's my chocolate lover.  So as she hates to take a shower, maybe this sweet smelling soap will make it a little easier.  We will also offer the same rates for shipping this time as well as an added surprise that I will
announce when I post our GMS fundraiser.  It will be a free gift with the purchase of 20 or more soaps.  I think this will work, we'll see!!!  

Thank you so much again for your support!!  Please start spreading the word about our GMS fundrasier.  If you've purchased and used the soap, tell your family and friends.  These will make great gifts for Valentines day!!!  I ordered just a few extra soaps with the last fundraiser, so each one of the kids chose one of those soaps.  They love 'em too . . kid approved!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

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