FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have Faith!!

After breakfast on Monday, Alice met us to go to the Tianjin orphanage.    The drive was very short.
The courtyard up to the entrance was very pretty.  There were stone statues of the zodiac animals
with kid size benches inbetween.  And of course there were lots of paintings on the walls too.  We
entered the orphanage and went up some steps and met Mr. Foo in a reception area.  After exchanging
gifts and signing paperwork, we went to the office to settle fees.  As we were there, Emmi saw Faith
pass by with several kids.  We finished the paperwork process and then went back to the reception area
where Faith and her friends were waiting.  I was so excited to enter the room and see all of them.  I
knew Faith immediately.  She stood up and gave me a hug.  All of the boys in the room were the same
boys that I've seen in all of the photos with Faith.  They are also Camp Ox kids and still available for
adoption.  I went around the room and said hello to each of them and shook their hand.  There was also
a little girl there too about the same age as Faith.  I didn't recognize her, but she too could have been a
Camp Ox kid.  We sat and talked for a few minutes.  I passed out candy to the kids and then they left.
I was sad that Faith's foster mom wasn't able to come as she was taking care of the other kids.  However,  it was probably better for Faith.  As we were all talking Faith started crying.  One of the ladies in the office (I believe it was a teacher) comforted her and talked to her.  I later found out from
Alice that her foster mom and the ladies at the orphanage had been preparing her to meet us.  They told her to be a good daughter and that she could learn and grow in America and have a mom and dad.  They prepared her very well.  A sidenote, she loves to talk.  On the way to Beijing tonight,
she started talking to the taxi driver.  He asked Alice if the two young girls were Japanese, Hello!!
Then he asked Faith where she was from.  She wasn't shy at all and told him that she was being adopted and that I was her mom.  She has called me mom, mamma, from the beginning.  And she's held my hand while we're out walking. 

Before we left the orphanage we were able to take several pictures of all the kids.  It was great to
get a group shot.   Walking to the front entrance, Faith did great.  No tears as of yet, however, she did
tell Alice that she was sad last night while sleeping.   I never heard her cry, but she did toss and turn a
lot.  That afternoon, we went to the dept. store and purchased a gown and some personal items.  And
we ventured to eat Korean.  The girls decided to play ping pong when we got back to the hotel and
I was ready to turn in early, 8:30p.m.   I had thought about a couple of things before we traveled and
thought it might be awkward to hug Faith when I saw her.  No worry, she hugged me first.  God
had it all under control from the beginning.  I had thought about how I would greet her a lot too.  Then I
also thought how neat it would be to meet her friends, but that would never happen.  They would be
in school.  I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all of them.  All God!!!  He has never left us
and never will!!  This journey so far has been amazing!!  Praying it all continues to go well. 

                                                 Artwork, benches, and zodiac statues!

                                                      Entering the orphanage courtyard!

Faith and her friends and teachers with
me and Emmi!

I was able to give this little one a hug and
kiss and let her know that her mamma is
coming soon!!!

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