FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bracelets to help with adoption expenses!!!

Update - Sunday April 15th -   I just posted five more bracelets and 
would have posted more but I ran out of our charms.  I'll pick more 
up tomorrow.  This has been a family project as the kids have loved
stringing the beads.  And they've helped with the colors too.   Five
days and counting until we leave!!  I just can't believe it!!!! 

update - Saturday April 14th -    We've sold 8 bracelets with this
fundraiser!!  Yippeee!  We are so excited.  The kids get so excited
too!  I'll be adding more bracelets later today or tonight.  So please
check back.    We're down to six days and counting!!  I can't
believe it.    We found out earlier in the week that we may need to
take more money for unexpected provincial fees.  Please pray our
agency can work this out!!  I really hope to hear good news on
Monday.   Trying not to think about it and giving it over to God.

 Emmi and I have made several new bracelets to help with the remaining
adoption expenses that we need.   We used glass beads & some have the
metal  spacers.  These are so cute and each one has either a "Faith" or
"Believe" charm. These pictures don't reflect the charm too well, however,
the charm looks great and the words are very clear.  The bracelets measure
either 7 3/4" or 8" in length before I tie them off.   They are $20 each and I'm only  adding $1.00
for shipping.  So the total for each bracelet will be $21.  If you order
more than one bracelet, the shipping is still just $1. 

If you'd like to purchase one of our bracelets, please e-mail me here with
the # of the bracelet/bracelets you'd like with a brief description.   If
for some reason you can't open the link, please leave a comment.  I'll e-mail
you back with your total.  You can either pay through our "donate" button
on the right or you can pay by check.  Thank you so much!!!

A).  "Believe"  8" glass beaded multi-colored bracelet
B).  "Faith" black/white/red glass beaded bracelet  7 3/4"
C).  "Believe" multi-colored glass beaded bracelet 7 3/4"

D).  "Believe" 8" glass bead bracelet
The yellow bead is for *one less orphan!!!

E)  "Faith" 7 3/4" glass bead bracelet
This one also has a yellow bead too for *one less orphan

"Faith" light blue glass bead bracelet  7 3/4"

2.  "Believe" mushroom bracelet 8"

4. "Faith" pale pink/yellow with pink heart 7 3/4"

6.  "Hope" black/white beaded bracelet 7 3/4"

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