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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick catch up post/ Beijing

Woohooo!!  We downloaded Go Trusted and it's working, for now.  We meet Richard in :15 so this
will be a quick post.   Wed. morning we met Alice around 10:00 a.m. and made several subway stops
to Tianamen square/Forbidden City.  Wow!!!  It has certainly changed since 2000.  There were people
everywhere.  The economy is very good now in China, so many Chinese people are touring.  Lots of
groups.  We learned a lot from Alice and I'll need to get my thoughts together to post.  I really hate that
we haven't been able to post.  I should have written everything down.  Emmi really enjoyed the
Forbidden City tour.  We learned a lot and she got to see a lot. I think it's something that she'll defiately
remember.  After the tours, we walked through the back gate of the city in search of the bus.  Yes, we
rode the city bus.  And yes it was an experience.   It was a tight fit, but we made it.  Lots of looks for
this white caucasion female.   It was a little scary trying to get off the bus.  I was the last one, wait for
me Alice!!!!!!   We walked a little way and ultimately found the street I had asked about.  It was Wangfujing and it's where the nicer stores are located.  I just had to see the Gap.  It hasn't been open
long and wanted to check it out.   If you haven't been to this area, I highly recommend it.  There was a
huge shopping mall.  The street is closed to traffic and there's lots of music, dancing fountains, vendors,
etc.  We purchased a couple of "Gap" t's for the girls (Hong Kong, and Beijing) and ate at the Korean
restaurant (the same one that was in Tianjin).  Then off to the subway again.  The subway is only 1 Y
per person so very inexpensive.  We made three stops to our final destination, the pearl mart.  I wanted to get the girls a jade bangle bracelets.  Needless to say, we left without one.  Too expensive!!!  Emmi said she wouldn't wear it anyway, good thing!!  Wow, jade has really gone up in
price here.   We did manage to pick up a couple of things at the toy mart.  Jacob, you're gonna love
your gift.  Just wait!!!  And Maggie, we bought a couple of things on your list too.   After a long
day of walking, riding subways, and the bust, we took a quick taxi back to our hotel, the Novotel and
it was 5:00 p.m.  We were pooped to say the least!!  I'll post more pictures later.  It's time to meet
Richard.  Sorry if there are grammar mistakes.  I'm typing very fast.

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