FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Saturday, April 21, 2012

We are here!!!!

 After a smooth plane ride, we landed last night around 11:02 p.m.   Let me say it was a hectic
start as we did't leave our house until almost 2:00 pm to drive to Nashville (it takes an hour) and
our flight was at 4:01.   As we were rushing out the door, I realized I hadn't packed my tennis shoes.
A quick search and they were nowhere to be found.  I'm sure they were right in front of me.  So here
we are in Chna with my flip flops that I wore on the plane and sandals.  At least the temp. is warm. 
Emmi and I just finished breakfast and tried to try something of everything.  We meet our guide,
Alice at 2:00 to take the bullet train to Tianjin.  We're headed out to look around until then.  There's
a mall across the street.  Maybe I can find an inexpensive pair of tennis to walk around in. 

 I wanted to post before I left the house, but there was so much left to do.  I want to thank everyone for supporting our journey.  You all mean so much!!! I really appreciate each and everyone of you and all you've done for us.  We are truly blessed!!

 I dropped Maggie and Jacob off a school yesterday morning and said our prayer on the way as usual.  I almost cried durng the prayer.  We drove
around to the door.  I really thought Jacob would cry. They got out as usual, then I cried.   At least I held it in until they got out.  Then at work yesterday a sweet co-worker brought in a gift bag for me and Emmi to take on the plane.  There
was a card inside too.  I'll post what it said in another post.  It was the sweetest message from this young
lady.   Then before I got off work at noon, another co-worker called to say that they were waiting outside for me.  As I walked to my van there was a huge box with 2 gift bags in it.  The big box had all kinds of cereal (the good kind too), breakfast bars, treats, you name it and it was in there.  She brought it for Maggie and Jacob to have and also added some things for me and Emmi to bring with us.  Well bring on the kleenex cause the tears flowed.  I gave her a big hug - thank you Missy!!!!!!  That was so sweet and thoughtful of you!!! 

The next post will be from Tianjin!!! 

Many Blessings,

btw, Emmi's been working on her Chinese (taking it in middle school).  There's much work to be done but she's having fun trying to figure out what everyone is saying.

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