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Heb. 11:1

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Provincial paperwork complete!

I'm a post behind due to not being able to access through the VPN. 

Yesterday, Tues. we finalized Faith's paperwork in Tianjin.  After breakfast, we met Alice in
the lobby to drive to the Civil Affairs office and meet Mr. Foo.  What a drastic change in the
weather too.  We went from a high 70 degree day on Monday to low 50's and rain on Tues.  So
glad I found some tennis shoes.  Flip flops would have been a disaster this day.  We first drove
to the Civil Affairs office and completed the paperwork complete with signatures including Faith's where she consented to the adoption.  Yay!!  She's a Vantrease!!!  We left the Civil Affairs office
and drove to the Notary.  After checking, rechecking, and checking each and every document, we
were able to move on to the passport office where Faith had her picture made.  This office was located
in a different location so we took yet another taxi ride.  We were really hoping to be able to take the
bullett train back to Beijing early, however, the documents would not be ready until after 2:30 p.m.
Since we had already checked out of the hotel, we sat in the lobby and Emmi taught Alice and
Faith how to play "UNO".  Now there's something you don't see everyday in China.  And Faith loves
it too!!  The weather stayed wet and windy all the way to the train station, yuck!!  We walked and
jumped so many puddles to get inside the train station.  The ride to Beijing was Faith's first ride on
a train.  We were going 279 K per hour, FAST!!!  The train runs every :15 so there are several
trains.  Not sure how Beijng/Tianjin managed to get by before the bullett train.  It's packed!!!  However, you do have seat assignments and there are attendants dressed like flight attendants. 
It was sad to leave Tianjin!!!  But I know one day we'll be back.  Faith did great on the train and loved the ride.  We decided to take a taxi back to the hotel instead of the subway since it was
rushhour and we had tons of stuff to carry.  Beijing was wet and windy too!!!  We arrived at our
hotel around 5:30.  The girls and I decided to try the bakery next to the hotel for dinner. Alice suggested it as they had ham/cheese bread.  I can certainly tell that Faith loves to eat.  I had to
say my first "no" to her.  She chose a hot dog on bread, some type of donut with chocolate icing,
and a (long john) looking item with chocolate.  Then she wanted a fourth item, chocolate.  That's a lot of bread and
icing.  Plus we had other things to eat here too and a coke.  I've figured out that her days mostly
consisted of watching tv and probably eating/snacking.  She loves to snack too!!! 
   Last night Emmi pulled out her Chinese book from school again and Faith was repeating English
words Emmi was giving her.  It's weird cause she sounded really country saying those words.  I
think she'll fit right into her new Kentucky home.  The girls laughed and giggled til bedtime.  We
finally had lights out at 11:00 last night.  The child knows a lot of tv programs.  Hence, I'm sure
the tv stayed on and she had free will of the T.V.  Hmmm, it's gonna be interesting when we get home.
A little sad that she want have normalcy, but change is good.  

Things we know about Faith:

1.    She'd rather be called Emmi.  I don't think she likes the name Faith.  I might try to add "Adye"
to the front "Adye Faith".  What do you think? 
2.    She loves T.V. and can sing all the songs.
4.    She loves to sing, and knows all the songs.  We were at the "culture market" and we heard a song
playing at all the booths.  I wanted to buy it until I found out what it was about, Budha.  Nope, I don't
think so.  She knew that song too!
5.    She's not shy!!!  No way.
6.    She doesn't know what privacy means.  But we're working on that.  Good thing there's locks on the door.
7.    She loves to work puzzles!
8.   She loves stickers!
 9.   She loves orange juice
10. She tires easily from lack of exercise (we've walked a ton too)
11. She's a teacher! She loves to teach us Chinese and she loves to learn English.

I have more pictures but need to download first!

                                                      Getting ready to board the train!

Faith loves to put Emmi's hair up in a bun!

                                                             Too tickled to play!!!

Playing ping pong!!

Our room in Tianjin, "Golden Ocean Hotel"

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