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Saturday, March 24, 2012

"From Nai Nai's Kitchen" cookbook

As you know from my previous post, we have received a $2500 matching
grant from Lifesong.  In order to get the grant, we need to raise another $2500 which
would then give us $5,000.  Oh my!!!  That's a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!  And we are
so grateful to have been given this grant.   We leave in less than 4 weeks to go
get Faith.  I came up with a cookbook idea early last year but was hesitant to
move forward as it was pretty costly to put to print and then I just wasn't
sure if it would do well.  There I go again, doubting myself.   Of course it's
not going to do anything if it just sits.  So as I was trying to figure out how
to fundraise to meet our grant, the cookbook immediately came to mind.  The
recipes are written and the cover and artwork already drawn, by my kids.
Here's the cover:

"Nai Nai's Kitchen"
Cookbook cover
drawn by Maggie (then 8 yo)
 I know the artwork may not be professional, but it's just PERFECT for our cookbook
cover.  Miss Maggie drew this for the cover and the lady on the cover is of course
non other than Nai Nai.  Nai Nai is my mom and went with me in 2000 and 2003
to bring Emmi and then Maggie home.  She's an amazing mom and grandma!!!!  We
love her dearly.  This cookbook has over 20 recipes from Nai Nai's kitchen.  These
are recipes that I grew up and recipes that she used when the kids would stay
over.  And we still use all of 'em.  Oh, and Nai Nai's secret (shhhh) cookie recipe
is in there too.  This is the cookie that turned Emmi's tears into big 'ole smiles
on gotcha day in 2000.  Nai Nai made 'em, packed 'em up, and carried 'em half
way around the world, just for Emmi.  And she still loves 'em.  All the kids
do.  And they are super duper easy to make.

So as I tried to figure out a way around paying the upfront cost of the books, I
thought about pre-selling the books.  Basicly, all I need is for you to e-mail me
here with the number of books you would like to pre-order and then once
the books print, I will e-mail you with the total so you can pay.  The cookbooks
will be $10.00 plus $.95 shipping.  These would make great Mother's day gifts too.
No matter how many you order, the shipping will still be only $.95

We need to pre-sell at least 200 cookbooks in order to get the "best" price
on printing.   We will pre-sell through Monday April 2nd, and then I'll get the
books printed on Tues. with a quick print and pick-up time.  I'll accept payment
once the books are ready to ship and will of course notify you, which should
be a quick turnaround.  I think the books will be ready within less than 24 hours
from the printer.   Oh, and please share this fundraiser.   200 cookbooks is
a lot to ask for pre-orders, but in order to keep the cost down, it's what we need.

The kids were such a big help in putting this book together.  They all have their
favorite recipes and then they all have art work in the book too.   We appreciate
each and everyone of you and thank you soooo very much for supporting our
previous fundraisers.   We hope you will order one of our cookbooks to help
us move toward the $2500 we need to receive our Lifesong grant.

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