FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just "believe"!

 Update 3/15/12     Thank you so much for the support through our current bracelet
fundraiser.  We only have three bracelets left and will certainly be busy making
more this weekend to get posted.  The e-mails I have received never cease
to amaze me.  One sweet friend shared our bracelets with her friends and I have
an order for four bracelets.  Thank you Mary!!!!  If you are interested in any of the
three remaining bracelets, please e-mail me here

 Update 3/10/12   I was so excited to wake up this morning to an e-mail from our
coordinator in China with a translation of Faith's letter that we received a few weeks
ago.  Here's the translation:

The letter reads,

"Dear Papa, Mama, sisters and brother,
Hi! I'm very happy to receive the gift from you. Thank you very much! I miss you very much!
I'm happy to stay in my foster home. In Spring Festival, I had dumpling, wore new clothes, played firecrackers etc. In a word, I'm very happy every day. Please don't worry about it.
I'm not good at painting, but will send a painting to you. I used the crayons you sent to paint it to express my thinking of you.
Your daughter: Zhao Wang Xia Date: Feb. 21.2012"

   Its such a relief to see that she's happy in her foster family, however, I know in my heart
that she will grieve.  It hurts so much to know that she's leaving everything
she's ever known behind.  I'm not sure how long she's been with her foster family
(whom I'm so grateful too for their love and care) but I know she will miss them
and it will be hard to leave them behind.   I've prayed and continue to pray that God
will comfort her heart during this transition and even years to come.   We leave
in just a few short weeks and I'm getting ever so excited.  So many emotions right now.
  As we are still in fundraising mode and have been blessed to have received the
funds we need so far through sweet friends from my groups and FB, we still need the
funds for inter-country travel and "all" province fees.   We are still waiting to
hear from "Lifesong" regarding a grant that we applied for.   Yesterday morning
when I awoke, I noticed a shadow reflected on the wall from the beautiful sunshine.
The word "Hope" immediatley came to mind.   The shadow was a picture of the cross.  And
it was in the right shape too.  "Hope"!!!!  So as the day - morning progressed and went to
work, I received a call from my husband.  Lifesong had contacted him regarding
some questions.  It looks like our app. is up next for review.  He had a number
for me to call them back which I did immediatley.    After work, I darted over to
our local arts and crafts store to purchase more of the "Faith" charms for our bracelets
and they were already sold out.  So I looked and noticed the "Hope" charm.  I
purchased one.  Emmi and I made four new bracelets last night.  As I looked at the
Hope bracelet, it hit me.  Yes there is "Hope".  Sometimes I just can't hear God
talking to me.  He started yesterday morning with the cross and the word "Hope".
I didn't get it, then the call from Lifesong, and the "Hope" charm.  Yes, there is
"Hope".  Now I don't know if we will receive the grant, but I do know there is
"Hope", hope in Jesus Christ our Savior.   He lead us to our daughter Faith almost
two years ago, now we are almost there.   I can't believe I didn't move on her
file immediately.  Why did I doubt what I knew God had put on my heart?  Now
I look back and think about my struggle and what we almost missed out on, another
preciouse daughter and a journey far worth more than the "stuff" we tend to let
get in our way.

  I added four more bracelets.  These pictures are much better than the first
bracelets I posted.  But you can at least see what the charm looks like now.  Thanks
dear Anne for giving me some camera helpful hints.  They worked!!!   If you'd
like to purchase one of our bracelets, e-mail me here with the letter or number of the bracelet
and quick description.  All bracelets are $21.50 which includes shipping.  Shipping has been
running right around $3.00 to $3.50 (I guess due to the weight of the beads plus I add
delivery confirmation.   I'll e-mail you back to comfirm.  You can pay through
our "donate" button to the right or pay by check.  Thanks so much for following
our blog and supporting us through this journey.  To see our bracelets just scroll
down or you can read our original post first.

Original post -
 Over the past few years I've purchased glass beads in hopes of making
bracelets and selling them in an on-line store.  Well the beads accumulated and they
have been stored in their own little box.  I was trying to figure out how I might
could use these to help fundraise to help bring Faith home.  I was at our local
craft store a few weeks ago and found these cute "faith" and "believe" charms.
The pictures look like the charm is gold, but it's silver.   I thought it was quite fitting
and was excited when I saw them.  I purchased all they had and started making
our bracelets.  I've sold 4 so far through our previous fundraiser and now hope to
sell many, many more for the month of March to finish up the amount we will owe for
our inter-country travel.   There are several different styles and they all are
made with the glass beads (other than one that has a shell bead) and have either a "faith" or
"believe" charm. 
   We began this adoption journey as a "leap of  faith", trusting in God the whole
way.  I can honestly say that it has been hard at times, but for the most part I have
had such a peace and know that this is His will.  He didn't say it would be easy, but
He did say that I could "endure". 
  So as we are now in countdown mode, we still need your help and hope that
you will purchase one of our beautiful bracelets.   Each bracelet is $21.50 which
includes shipping.   Please e-mail me here with which bracelet/bracelets you
would like to purchase and I'll reply with your total.  You can then pay through
our "donate" button on the right or I can send you a paypal invoice.  

A)  "Hope" black/white/clear/silver beaded bracelet

B).  "Believe" bracelets - shades of mauve-pink, black, gold

C) "Believe" shades of lavendar, clear, silver beaded bracelet
very soft in color and pretty

D).  "Believe" multi color beaded bracelet

1)    Glass bead and shell bracelet "believe" charm
measures right at 8" around

2)    Glass bead bracelet "believe" charm
measures right at 8" around
The yellow bead represents the one-less orphan

3)      Glass bead bracelet  "faith" charm
different shades of green
measures right at 7 1/2 " around

4)    Glass bead bracelet "believe" charm
blacks/clear/yellow/red fish
measures right at 8" around

5)     Glass bead bracelet "believe" charm
measures right at 8" around

6)     Glass bead bracelet "faith" charm
Neutral tones
measures right at 7 1/2" around

7)      Glass bead bracelet "faith" charm
Blacks/clear/amber/clear fish
measures right at 8" around

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