FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thirty-One fundraiser for Faith

WE HAVE TA!!!!  Yippeee!!!  We got the call yesterday morning.   We are still fundraising as we still need all our travel expense fees and province fees.  Our Thirty-One fundraiser will be ending soon and we hope and pray we get more orders as we're currently at $450 in total sales and we were really trying to get to over $1000 in sales.  Anne is giving us all her commission from the sales.  Please take a look at all the cool stuff that's available.  The link is   Once there click on "events" to the right and then you'll see the Vantrease name.  Click next to our name and you can begin your order.  We appreciate everyone stopping by our little blog!!!  And we certainly appreciate your support to help bring our daughter home. 

We are down to the final countdown to go get our daughter.  It seems like forever ago when I first saw her picture, two years ago this month as I just happened to go visit  It was very random and not planned.  There she was, in her dance costume very poised.  She was listed as having CP, sequalea from a brain injury.  Oh how I was scared to death.  And she was listed with a different agency. And she was an older child, 10 at the time.  Oh my!! God certainly had it all planned out from the beginning, as I would have clicked off that sight and went on with what I was doing.   This adoption is all in His hands and He has been there by my side the entire time.  There's a peace that I can't explain, except that I know everything will work out just fine.  God's in control, not me.  It's been a hard lesson to learn (don't we all like to be in control), but it's been a good one.

So, as we are on our final countdown to TA, we are having yet another fundraiser to get Faith home.  We still lack "all" travel fees as well as the in-province fees.
I'm so excited about this Thirty-One fundraiser!!   A sweet friend, Anne Little, is hosting it for us to help with the adoption expenses to bring Faith home.    The Thirty-One website just updated this month with all the new product.  There's sooooo many cute items!!  I know there is something that will catch your eye.  And, the special for Feb. is great!!!  There are cute items for kids, teachers, friends, and family members.  One of my very favorites is the "lil expressions" items.  I purchased a couple for my m-i-l and mom as gifts for their birthdays.    All the kids' pictures are on their via "lil expressions" and it's so amazing to see Faith on there too. 

The link to see all the great product is  Once there, click on "events" to the right.  Then you will see our name "Vantrease" with a link to shop.   Here's how the
Feb. special works: 

"To take advantage of the customer special, enter at least $31 in product, then choose the item you would like at 31% off that has an "S" at the end of the item number. This let's Thirty-One know which item you want the special on. The item with the "S" on the product number will show up in your cart at the discounted price".

I added some pictures of some of the bags and baskets that are available and ideas on how they can be used for gift giving:

                                                    "All in one organizer" as shower gift

                                                                      Gift basket

                                                  "little carry all's" as Easter baskets

                                                                  Cupcake gift bags

Oh, and Anne is giving away a purse this month on her blog at
Just visit her blog and leave a comment on the current post to get entered!   She is awesome!!
Thank you Anne!!!!

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