FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.
Heb. 11:1

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fundraiser auction for Faith

We need your help!  We still have several items with no bids.   This fundraiser ends tonight, Monday, Feb. 20th at midnight. 

We are so blessed to have received our TA for our sweet Faith!!!  I'm so excited and have been grinning ear to ear ever since we got the call.  So excited!!!  It seems like it has taken forever to get to this point, but I know it's all been in God's timing and He's in total control. 

So now as we wait to travel, we still unfortunately need the rest of the fees for all travel and all province fees.   I have several items that I'm listing for this "Fundraiser auction for Faith".  And a sweet friend, Amy has offered several cute, cute items as well for this auction.  Thank you Amy, again!!!  

Here's how it works:
This auction runs from Feb. 14th to Feb. 20th at midnight.
Please e-mail me here with your bid and the item you are bidding on with description.
I'll reply and comfirm your bid (and post it)
If you are outbid, I'll send an e-mail giving you the opportunity to bid again
All winning bids are responsible for shipping charges (I'll ship usps) and I'll send a final e-mail with
your total.
You're payment can be made through the "donate" button to the right (via paypal).  Or I will also
except a check, whichever is easiest.
Please know how much we appreciate your support!!

The "Faith" & "Believe" bracelets were made by me.  They are either glass or Shell beads and are so pretty.  The pictures are a little blurred.  Seriously, I need a new camera.   They are all on a stretchy band and fit an adult.   "Faith" of course is because of our walk of faith to follow God's plan to bring our daughter, Faith into our family, and "Believe" (believing in Him to lead the way).

The Sharper Image Digital Photo Album Keychain.  The price on
the bottom of the box $50.

Starting bid $25.00

Shaoey and Dot Hardcover Book (great adoption book)!

Current bid $5.00
Set of 2 Handmade Dishcloths

Starting bid $10.00


Starting bid $5.00

Hello Kitty Hair Clips (purchased in China)

Current bid $5.00

Sterling Silver Butterfly Bracelet (retails for $44)

Starting bid $_____________

Handmade Bird's Nest Pendant

Starting bid $10.00

Set of 3 wooden bookmarks with Chinese writing on the back (purchased in

Starting bid $15.00

Set of 2 glass pendants (purchased in China)

Starting bid $10.00

Set of 3 Chinese Ornaments (purchased in China)

Starting bid $15.00
Glass beaded bracelete with "Faith" charm
Current bid $20.00
Glass bead and shell bead bracelet with "Believe" charm
Current bid $20.00
Glass bead bracelet with "Faith" charm
I added the "yellow" bead to represent "one more child" now having a family!
Current bid $20.00
Glass beaded bracelet with "Faith" charm
Current bid $25.00
2 yards of asian print fabric (deep burgandy in color)
Current bid $___________
Nintendo DS Princess Peach game
Current bid $10.00
Petz Dogz Talent Show Nintendo DS game
Current Bid $10.00
Littlest Pet Shop Nintendo DS game
Current bid $10.00
Imagine Fashion Stylist Nintendo DS game
Current bid $15.00
Disney Wizards of Wavery Place Nintendo DS game
Current bid $5.00
Gym rockets Nintendo DS game
Current bid $_________
Littlest Pet Shop Nintendo DS game
Current bid $10.00

Wheel of Fortune Nintendo DS game
Current bid $5.00

#1  Welcome Lady Bug wall/door hanger  13" high
would be great to add to a wreath
Current bid $10.00
#2 Welcome Lady Bug wall/door hanger 13" high
Current bid $5.00
#3 Ladybug Wall/Door hanger  13"high
Current bid $___________
#4 Ladybug wall/door hanger  13" high
Current bid $___________

Set of 2 silk coin purses (pinch sides to open)

Current bid $10.00

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